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5 Day digital detox

Creating healthy boundaries in your life includes being mindful of how much you allow technology to control your life.

Karen Millsap - phone detox

Hi, I'm Karen!

At only 29 years old, my life was suddenly flipped upside down... I became a widow when my husband, Richard, was tragically killed. On the quest to rebuild my life, I discovered healthy habits and lifestyle changes that helped me find my way back to a whole heart. We've all experienced pain in some way shape form - from the death of loved ones, to life-altering illnesses, divorce, even job loss.


This realization WOKE ME UP!... and sparked a deep desire to share everything I've learned and spread light to anyone who needs help navigating tough situations. I know if we do the work within ourselves, and if we share our stories with others, then we can create a healing movement in this world. 
My work has been featured in Forbes, SHRM Magazine, on Good Morning America, MSNBC, and many others! You can check out my podcast, InvestHuman; you can also read some of my work on Arianna Huffington's THRIVE Global community.


Yes, I'm a busy mama! But that's because I'm immensely passionate about teaching others how to build a healthy mindset and live an undefeated life!

Here's to more joy, 


Karen Allen