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and shape your life in the most beautiful way possible.

Behind every story is a journey full of valuable lessons, intimate insights, and wisdom worth sharing. This is the space where we dive into those details.

My guests are thought leaders, experts, coaches, athletes, executives, founders, change-makers... They're humans on a mission to bring light to this world.

Grab your favorite beverage or snack and a notepad (trust me, you're going to walk away with gems), get comfortable, and enjoy!

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In The Details


in the details podcast | Karen Allen
karen allen stop & shift

When it comes to how we get through life, whether it's dealing with stress or finding more happiness, it all starts with your mind. 

Stop & Shift is a life-changing technique that builds mental and emotional strength and helps you live with more intention and purpose. Don't settle for living in a constant state of worry, irritation, stress, or apathy.

Learn the Stop & Shift method to reframe your thoughts, renew your mind, and make mindful choices to build a meaningful life you love.



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I'm giving you the strategies and tools that have helped me and I know will help you build a life that is joyful, productive, and (pretty darn close to) stress-free.


We're not aiming for a perfect, problem-free existence; we're building the mental skills to deal with whatever life throws our way.

I like to imagine it as a small library full of life-giving mini-books.



Karen Allen


This is where we grow.




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When it comes to leadership, hands down, one of the most powerful assets you can develop is a growth mindset.

It allows you to focus on progress rather than perfection. It promotes risk-taking rather than limited thinking, which stifles innovation. More than anything, a growth mindset helps your team reach their full potential by seeing challenges as opportunities to learn and get better together.

This course will teach you lessons on normalizing feedback, creating an environment where your people can flourish, handling tough conversations with care, and so much more!

Leading with a Growth Mindset

🌍 Over 133,00 leaders around the world have taken this course!

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Hi, I'm Karen.

I've made it my life's work to teach as many people as possible about synergistic trifecta of human potential and transformation: mindfulness, positive psychology, and neuroplasticity.


This fusion creates a holistic approach to personal growth, well-being, and resilience, empowering you to thrive, navigate life's complexities with grace, and tap into your fullest potential.

​​I've worked with companies such as Nissan, Golf Channel, Google, Universal Orlando Parks & Resorts, LG and many more. 

Whether I'm teaching from stage, in a conference room, or via Zoom, my #1 mission is to help as many people as possible tap into the power of their mindset and start living more fully. Because when you become better, you make the people around you better, and that's how you make the world a little better, too. 🌱 #BetterTogether

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