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Working with a speaker should be a stress-free experience, before, during, and after the event. To make working with me a breeze, find all relevant information here, in my speaker kit!
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If I’ve learned one thing from my speaking experience, it’s that more preparation is better, for me and the awesome organization that’s hired me. Click below for my list of  technology, tools, and preferences, so we can start the prep work together! 
Intros are best when they’re short and sweet, especially when you’re managing an event and have a ton on your plate! Click below for my intro script, so you don’t have to worry about writing one as you prep for your event.
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Unstuck on Purpose is a podcast of real conversations about all the things that keep us stuck and hold us back from living our best life. We talk about what it means to live on purpose, learn how to find hope, build your dream, and eventually get to a place where you are the hope giver!


Each week we will talk about real situations and give practical tips on how to make today a little better than yesterday and tomorrow even better than that. Teaching YOU how to live intentionally!