How I Grew From ONLY 400 to OVER 7k Monthly Viewers on Pinterest!

I've been on Pinterest for a few years, I saved recipes, motivational quotes, home decor ideas. But recently I started using it intentionally for my business.

That's right! Pinterest is a great tool for many online businesses. Why?? Because Pinterest isn't just a social media platform, it's a search engine!

Think about it. When you go on Pinterest you search for things. Usually, it's recreational like:

  • How to make dinner in 30 minutes or less

  • Wedding reception ideas

  • DIY home decor tips

  • Holiday arts & crafts for kids

But you can also find a lot of fantastic business tips, hacks, and articles as well! This works for all businesses, you just need to be strategic so you can set yourself up for success.

And the best part - you can start seeing results INSTANTLY!

In this video, I'm sharing how I shifted my Pinterest from a fun digital vision board to a business growth machine.


STEP 1: Name & Title

Use your headline wisely. When people land on your profile they need to know exactly what they're getting. Not to mention, these words are SEO gemstones and they increase the chances of people landing on your profile.

STEP 2: Description

Underneath your name/ title is your about section. Think of this more as a description of what other pinners can find on your page. Again, it's a great place to drop specific keywords that people are searching for. This is mine:

STEP 3: Boards

Create boards that are specific to your business (make your personal boards private, like recipes and DIY wedding ideas if those aren't business-related).

Then, go a step further and add a few that can be broken down into more specific topics. For example, if you're a fashion blogger you make have general boards like winter clothes or jewelry, but, you should add a few more specific boards like "oversized sweaters" or "bohemian hand-made jewelry".

These are some of my boards:

Oh and, most people miss this, but you should definitely (most definitely) optimize each board description.

Again, use keywords! Drop the SEO-gems in each board description to help increase the probability of people landing on your page.

Check out this example from one of my boards:

STEP 4: Pins

Last, but certainly not least, your pins! You have 500 characters to use in the pin description, use them wisely! Write using natural language (write in your voice!) but also sprinkle specific keywords to make the description SEO rich. 3-5 keywords is a good number to aim for, just make sure you're using terms that people are actually searching for.


I gotta admit, I was blown away by how fast I saw results on my page from just organizing and rewording my Pinterest account.

And this was only Phase 1 of using Pinterest to increase traffic to my profile and my website.

(Oh, and here's a quick update: when I started pinning more frequently, my monthly viewers jumped from 7k to 13k in just a couple of weeks!)

I have to admit, friend, Pinterest is quickly becoming my new favorite platform to grow my business. You don't see this kind of rapid result anywhere else.

If you're wondering how Pinterest can work for your business, drop your questions below in the comments.

And I’ll see ya back here soon!


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