How to Create an Epic Content Calendar

If you have an online business, or you're building a brand, or you've decided to take up blogging, you need to stand out from the masses so your people can find you. And the best way to set yourself apart is by sharing your story, your knowledge, your experiences - in other words, content.

The content you share with the world is the bridge that connects you to your future customers and readers. But let's admit, coming up with content on a regular basis can be exhausting! A lot of time can be wasted trying to decide what to write and post. (And to be honest, as a single mama + entrepreneur, I need to preserve my energy for more important activities.)

This strategy will help you plan a full year of content for your blog.

That's right, an entire year's worth of ideas. Don't freak out! This formula will be a game-changer for your blog and your business because it will help save you time and help you build a cohesive message, blog, and brand.

Check it out:

EASY Content Strategy Formula

STEP 1: Core Pillars

What are the 4 main values, pillars, areas of your business? If you can't get to 4, start with 2.

STEP 2: Topics

Under each core pillar think of 13 topics, or ideas, that are associated with that main concept. Each idea is a blog post.

When you have 4 pillars and 13 topics under each you get (4x13=) 52 articles. A FULL YEAR of content!

Side Note: If you land on 2 core pillars then you'll need 26 topics under each to get to 52 weeks.


You know I love Pinterest for business, it's a great platform to grow your audience.

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But it's also an awesome tool to find keywords and phrases that people are already searching for. (P.S. You can also do this on Google.)

Using keywords in your blogs, on your website, in your pin descriptions, virtually everywhere is absolutely critical for your audience to find your content.

So instead of racking your brain and burning energy (that needs to be preserved), hop onto Pinterest and type in one of your core pillars. Below the search bar, you'll see suggestions based on popular keyword + phrases that people are already looking for.

One of my core pillars is mindset. When I type that into Pinterest I get other keywords that I can now use in combination with my core content - mindset.

Check it out:

Let Me Wrap This Up

Content is critically important to building your business or your brand. But it can also put you in a time warp, and you're too busy to waste precious time. Now, with this formula, you'll save a TON of time and you'll be ready for the year with a solid plan in place.

That's it, friend. Keep creating content, the more you create the better you will get.

And over time, you’ll make a big splash in this huge ocean of online content. I know it!

Let me know what you do to stand out in the comment section below.

And I’ll see ya back here soon!


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