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The Best of 2020—Yes, The BEST!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Gathering all the goods of the year 2020

If anything good came from this year, it’s that we all realize how important mental health is.

Not just in a time of crisis, but in everyday life.

So since I've been walking this road for a while, I wanted to share some awesome resources to add to your toolkit. These books, podcasts, people, amazon goodies (and more!) will help you care for mental health so you can feel happy, healthy and whole.

Mental health is just like physical health. The more you develop it, the stronger you become. And also like physical health, it takes more than one trip to the gym or a day of eating clean. It’s a lifestyle that leads to long term sustainability.

Here are some of my favorites from 2020 to help you build that lifestyle:


Always see the good side of every situation even the worst


  • Cozy robe and slippers (Find what makes you feel good!)

  • Scented candles (My fave this year was: Lulu Candles | Lemon & Vanilla Bean)

  • Plants

  • Sunrise alarm clock (This is my favorite thing that I ever purchased! There are a lot to choose from, this is the one I have.)

  • Fresh smelling exfoliator (Find one that works with your skin type.)



  • Big Life Journal (All of the resources on this site are amazing! So is the podcast.)

  • Cozy blanket (Great for cuddling and physical touch is good for our brains.)

  • Gratitude journal (A great habit to build at an early age.)

  • Coloring (This isn't just a kid's activity, mindful coloring is also good for adults too.)


I think what surprises people the most is that caring for your mental wellbeing isn’t a lot of “heavy lifting” but instead it’s just about being more intentional about where you direct your energy, effort and attention.

Listening to an uplifting podcast, taking a few moments to reflect on your blessings, and switching from using your phone as an alarm clock to a more gentler way of starting your day are all very simple habits to incorporate into your daily routine.

And yet, they have a massive impact on your mental health.

Always remember to find the good things

2021 is around the corner, and usually people are all hyped up with resolutions and new goals. But after the year we just had, I think people are less concerned with New Year New Me habits and more focused on Caring For Me Right Where I Am.

I love that, I applaud that, and I’m here to support that if that’s your outlook.

Here’s to you, your future, and your happiness. If there’s anything I can do to support you on this journey, please remember, I’m always here.

Big hugs and holiday love,



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If you still love a good read, welcome to my blog. My hope is that every article will give you at least one tid-bit to help you shape your life in the most beautiful way possible. 😊 WELCOME!

Hi, I'm Karen! 

Hi, I'm Karen.

I've made it my life's work to teach as many people as possible about synergistic trifecta of human potential and transformation: mindfulness, positive psychology, and neuroplasticity.


This fusion creates a holistic approach to personal growth, well-being, and resilience, empowering you to thrive, navigate life's complexities with grace, and tap into your fullest potential.

​​I've worked with companies such as Nissan, Golf Channel, Google, Universal Orlando Parks & Resorts, LG and many more. 

Whether I'm teaching from stage, in a conference room, or via Zoom, my #1 mission is to help as many people as possible tap into the power of their mindset and start living more fully. Because when you become better, you make the people around you better, and that's how you make the world a little better, too. 🌱 #BetterTogether

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