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Karen Allen




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Life's inevitable twists and turns can leave us feeling lost in a cycle of negativity. But imagine embracing these challenges as opportunities for growth, not just as hurdles to overcome.


This transformative approach, fostered by a growth mindset, empowers us to navigate life's storms with resilience and thrive in the process.

Introducing Stop & Shift, a simple mental framework that unlocks the power of growth in everyday life. It's more than just a stress buffer; it's a strategy for personal transformation.


By shifting your perspective and embracing challenges as opportunities, you'll cultivate these key learning outcomes:

  • Unstoppable Resilience: Learn to bounce back from setbacks with renewed strength and confidence.

  • Empowered Decision Making: Navigate difficult situations with clarity and calmness, leading to choices that align with your values.

  • Joyful Living: Discover how to cultivate an optimistic outlook that inspires yourself and others, fostering a vibrant and positive environment.


Stop & Shift, hand-in-hand with a growth mindset, becomes the key to unlocking your full potential. Embrace this powerful synergy to transform your life and create a space where personal growth and joy are the norm.

The Mindset Reset that Changes Everythings



Every leader has heard it before: "People are your most valuable asset." Yet, truly embodying this sentiment and translating it into actionable strategies is where the challenge lies. Enter 100% Human: 3 Guideposts to Unlocking Human Potential.


In this enlightening keynote, we delve deep into the pillars of a workplace culture that truly prioritizes human potential and well-being. It's more than just a principle; it's a transformative practice. By the close of this message, you will not only understand the essence of a human-centric workplace but will also gain tangible strategies to build one.


By attending, participants will have the tools to:


  • Develop a Growth Ecosystem: Unearth strategies to enhance communication, uplift team members, and foster a culture that is built on mutual trust and relentless growth.


  • Embed Wellness into the Business Blueprint: Discover how to seamlessly weave well-being into your operational strategy, ensuring a balanced approach that enhances productivity without straining resources.


  • Champion Individuality within a Unified Mission: Understand the art of valuing each individual as a unique contributor while also deepening the connection to a shared, meaningful mission.


Join me as we redefine leadership through a lens that is 100% Human. Together, let's build workplaces where people aren't just assets but the very heart of our mission.

3 Guideposts to Unlocking Human Potential

100% HUMAN

the follow up to Stop & Shift
Karen Allen

I'm here to help you make your event a success.

Our #1 goal is to be a joy to work with, which is why every detail is handled with care.

Before the big day, there’s a lot to be done. You’re juggling so many details to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, we get it. My world-class team is prompt and reliable to ensure our partnership is a stress-free experience.

When it’s "go" time, I deliver a heart-felt message that your audience will connect with, remember, and actually USE to change their lives and relationships, personally and professionally.

I help organizations of all sizes tap into the 100% Human™ truths that make your people—and the world—a kinder, more collaborative place.

Take a look around, and when you’re ready to get the ball rolling, send a message by way of filling out this form.

I can’t wait to connect with your beautiful, unique, 100% Human people!

With joy,

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