Speaking FAQs

What is your speaking fee?

Please contact us for Karen's standard fee structure for domestic and international events. Please also include your budget, if possible. When prospective clients give us candid details about their budget, it allows us to immediately understand what we’re dealing with and look for ways to make it work. You might be surprised at the options available, even if your budget is below Karen's standard fee structure.
Believe it or not, we want to fit within your budget. In fact, we want the budget to be the easy part. The larger consideration should be the fit between the speaker and your strategic event objectives. If you decide that Karen is the best fit, there is almost always a way to make it work.

Travel Requirements

Unless otherwise agreed upon, travel expenses (including flights, hotel accommodation, ground transportation and meals) are always paid for by the client. Karen is happy to fly economy for flights less than five (5) hours. For longer flights, particularly overseas flights, business class travel is strongly preferred.
For overseas events, Karen has a three-night minimum at the event destination; two nights before her speaking session and one after. This is to allow her to adjust to the time change and get some rest before addressing your audience. Two hotel nights (one before her speaking session and one after) is acceptable if her arrival time is before 12 noon on the day prior to her speaking session.

All-Inclusive Fees

In order to smooth out the event budgeting process, some organizations prefer all-inclusive fees. We are happy to accommodate these requests. Please provide us with the hotel rate and we will check flights for your event dates. We will then provide an all-inclusive quote and pay for the travel expenses directly. You will only be invoiced for that one all-inclusive amount and will not have to worry about unexpected travel expenses.

Are fees negotiable?

Speaking fees vary significantly depending on (1) the event date and location, (2) the audience size and composition, (3) the potential for consulting opportunities, and (4) details of the speaking session. Regardless of your budget, if you think Karen would be a good fit for your event, please contact us with the details.
Fee flexibility is often counter-intuitive. For example, most people believe that a short lead time reduces flexibility, but the opposite is often true. If your event is just two or three weeks away, and if Karen actually has the dates available on her calendar, we will be very flexible to secure the opportunity. But if your event is still four or five months out, there are fewer reasons to justify a discount.
The point is: contact us either way! There are many considerations and each event is different. Our #1 priority is to spread Karen's message of growing through hardships and buidling resilient communities, and we will look at all possible options to put something together.

Contracts & Deposits

In order to secure a particular event date, we request a signed contract (or memorandum of understanding) and a 50% deposit of the speaking fee. Particularly for international events, Karen will not initiate her travel before a deposit and the contract are received. We have a standard contract that we can provide, but are also happy to use your format if you prefer.

Presentation slides

Karen is happy to provide her presentation slides in advance of your event but there are a few things you should keep in mind before making this request.
First, Karen does dozens of events each year and often only has a week or two to focus on any given presentation. As such, she may make significant adjustments to the slide deck right up until the last minute. While last minute adjustments will be avoided if necessary, those adjustments often make material improvements to the presentation. We will meet all deadlines but request the opportunity to submit updated versions closer to the event date.
Additionally, Karen's slides are highly visual and rarely have more than five or six words on them. Looking at the slides without Karen's verbal narration will not provide much indication of her salient points or underlying message. The visual slides add perspective and depth to her comments.
With that said, the visual nature of Karen's slides and the number of them in each presentation, larger files that can't be emailed will be sent via a “share” folder on Google Drive or Dropbox so you can download the file directly. Please let us know when you have successfully downloaded the file.
For the same reasons, it’s not easy to use event-specific templates for her presentations. If the use of an event-specific template is required, we will do our best to accommodate it, but the picture-based slides will remain clear of border branding unless the graphic can easily be added on top of the primary image. We are happy to use templates for the opening and closing slides and feel that this is often sufficient to maintain branding congruence for the event. Finally, while a copy of Karen's presentation slides can be made available as described above, these slides are for personal/logistical reference only and are not for commercial use or use by others. Please do not use, replicate, or distribute Karen's slides further without express written permission, either before or after the event.

For bookings contact

Melissa Spencer

Orlando, Florida

Thanks so much for contacting me - I will respond at my earliest opportunity. Cheers!