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karen allen

"A powerful message with a lasting impact!"


Karen Allen

Life's inevitable twists and turns can leave us feeling lost in a cycle of negativity. But imagine embracing these challenges as opportunities for growth, not just as hurdles to overcome.


This transformative approach, fostered by a growth mindset, empowers us to navigate life's storms with resilience and thrive in the process.

Introducing Stop & Shift, a simple mental framework that unlocks the power of growth in everyday life. It's more than just a stress buffer; it's a strategy for personal transformation.


By shifting your perspective and embracing challenges as opportunities, you'll cultivate these key learning outcomes:

  • Unstoppable Resilience: Learn to bounce back from setbacks with renewed strength and confidence.

  • Empowered Decision Making: Navigate difficult situations with clarity and calmness, leading to choices that align with your values.

  • Joyful Living: Discover how to cultivate an optimistic outlook that inspires yourself and others, fostering a vibrant and positive environment.


Stop & Shift, hand-in-hand with a growth mindset, becomes the key to unlocking your full potential. Embrace this powerful synergy to transform your life and create a space where personal growth and joy are the norm.

The Mindset Reset that Changes Everythings



Every leader has heard it before: "People are your most valuable asset." Yet, truly embodying this sentiment and translating it into actionable strategies is where the challenge lies. Enter 100% Human: 3 Guideposts to Unlocking Human Potential.


In this enlightening keynote, we delve deep into the pillars of a workplace culture that truly prioritizes human potential and well-being. It's more than just a principle; it's a transformative practice. By the close of this message, you will not only understand the essence of a human-centric workplace but will also gain tangible strategies to build one.


By attending, participants will have the tools to:


  • Develop a Growth Ecosystem: Unearth strategies to enhance communication, uplift team members, and foster a culture that is built on mutual trust and relentless growth.


  • Embed Wellness into the Business Blueprint: Discover how to seamlessly weave well-being into your operational strategy, ensuring a balanced approach that enhances productivity without straining resources.


  • Champion Individuality within a Unified Mission: Understand the art of valuing each individual as a unique contributor while also deepening the connection to a shared, meaningful mission.


Join me as we redefine leadership through a lens that is 100% Human. Together, let's build workplaces where people aren't just assets but the very heart of our mission.

3 Guideposts to Unlocking Human Potential

100% HUMAN

the follow up to Stop & Shift
Karen Allen

I'm here to help you make your event a success.

Our #1 goal is to be a joy to work with, which is why every detail is handled with care.

Before the big day, there’s a lot to be done. You’re juggling so many details to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, we get it. My world-class team is prompt and reliable to ensure our partnership is a stress-free experience.

When it’s "go" time, I deliver a heart-felt message that your audience will connect with, remember, and actually USE to change their lives and relationships, personally and professionally.

I help organizations of all sizes tap into the 100% Human™ truths that make your people—and the world—a kinder, more collaborative place.

Take a look around, and when you’re ready to get the ball rolling, send a message by way of filling out this form.

I can’t wait to connect with your beautiful, unique, 100% Human people!

With joy,


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"Karen served as a virtual keynote speaker during an internal conference. Her story resonated with our 1,000+ attendees, and her suggestion for us to "throw sun" (as opposed to "throwing shade") has found its way into almost every leadership meeting since we were introduced to her. She impressively took our conference theme and some input from our committee to deliver the highest-rated segment of the week-long event."

David, HDR


"When we asked Karen to be the host for our new digital course, I was blown away by the result. Karen is an absolutely incredible talent and brought to the table invaluable experience, professionalism, energy, and dedication to our project. Karen was a fun, energetic person to work with and showed up on set prepared and knowledgable in the subject matter. she was an instrumental part of the production and direction of the project, taking and providing feedback with grace and agility."

 Lauren H., Performance On Purpose


"We invited Karen to speak to SHI employees and couldn't have been more thrilled to be with her. Her presentation was informative and engaging, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed her message. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us! We appreciate your contribution to our team's development, and we hope to work with you again."

Monica, SHI


I highly recommend the course 'Leading with a Growth Mindset' to those who are looking to lead with a growth mindset not only in their career but in their life! Karen Allen is a fantastic speaker and communicator, and the course is engaging and full of great information. Thank you, Karen!

Susan S.


"An amazing learning session today with the new LinkedIn course: Leading with a Growth Mindset. Thank you, Karen, for showing me how to strengthen my greatest asset—my mindset. As a leader, developing a growth mindset is crucial to your success. A fixed mindset leader only sees the tasks that are at hand, but a growth mindset leader sees the whole human!"

Maria P.


"You were amazing in today's session and we're so thankful to have benefited from your energy and wisdom. you gave life and example to "growth mindset", I enjoyed watching the chat blow up as you delivered so many gems."

Janet, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


"Karen is a world-class speaker who brings a missing link to corporate America: growth mindset. Her story of perseverance is one that will make a lasting impact on your organization. I was overwhelmed with the amount of reaction to Karen's keynote at our town hall event. If you want your team's culture to be transformed into a united one, you must bring Karen in to speak or do a workshop."

Jorge, Sprint


"I full-heartedly recommend asking karen to speak at your next corporate event. During our initial meeting to see if she'd be a good fit with our culture, it was immediately obvious that she would be one of the highlights of our event. Karen brought charisma, energy and honesty; her perspective and personal stories resonated with our entire staff." 

Sarah, HDR
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