The Ultimate Guide to Living Fully and Feeling Whole


Do you feel overwhelmed, unfocused, and out of balance with your life? Do you struggle to find the motivation and energy you need to achieve your goals?

Well, good news friend... You don't have to feel that way!

What if you could feel in control - no matter what curveballs are thrown your way?

Our strength is constantly tested by the pressures of the world. With a strong inner foundation, you‘ll be better able to handle the winds of change. You can grow more when you’re in a secure space and rooted in what you need and want. In this guide, I’m giving you life-hacks to help you build a solid inner foundation so you can stay grounded and reduce the stress of daily life.

I'm here to tell you, it's possible. You just need the right framework to create it.

Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Living Fully & Feeling Whole

The Ultimate Guide is designed to help you take control of your life and make room for the things you love most.

Karen Allen
The guide will show you how to start making positive choices and improve your entire life (even when life feels super overwhelming). The exercises, questions and planners help you get clear on your priorities and get rid of the junk holding you back from living fully. These habits will nourish your mind, body and soul every single day.

Hi, I'm Karen!

At only 29 years old, my life was suddenly flipped upside down after my husband died tragically. This loss followed by years of transformational experiences, I discovered methodologies and lifestyle changes that helped me find her way back to a whole heart.


Now, I've made it my life's work to teach tips, tools and research-based strategies that empower people, like you, overcome stress-induced burnout, pain, anxiety, and other mindset challenges we all face in life and work.

​​I've worked with companies such as AT&T, NBC’s Golf Channel, Hubspot, Universal Orlando Parks & Resorts, The GAP and many more. My work has been featured in Forbes, Parents Magazine, The Washington Post, on Good Morning America, MSNBC, and several other media outlets. 

Yes, I'm a busy mama! But that's because I'm immensely passionate about teaching others how to build a healthy mindset and live an undefeated life!

Karen Allen


✔️  Break through obstacles that have been holding you back from growing

✔️  Align your mind, body, and choices so that you can become a happier, healthier, more balanced you

✔️  Feel less stressed, more productive, and do more of what you love to nourish your whole self every single day

"I'm so glad I bought this guide! The design is beautiful and clean and it leads you through the most important aspects of life. While working through it, I was surprised how easy it was to implement these little changes—and they made a massive difference! Highly recommend this workbook if you're looking to shed old habits and don't want to waste time trying to figure out how to get your life headed in a positive direction!!"


"This guide helped me become more mindful of my thoughts, choices, and daily routines. Letting go of the rat-race of life can be challenging, but what an amazing feeling! I now how healthy and positive routines that make my life feel fulfilling without feeling FULL. I've used this guide to set goals, create new habits, and enjoy self-loving activities that have been missing in my life. This guide helped me grow and feel more alive!"


Here's What's Included
Karen Allen
Karen Allen
Karen Allen
Karen Allen
Karen Allen
Karen Allen

✔️  10 life-hacks to help you break through obstacles that have been holding you back from building a life you love.

✔️  Exercises, questions, and planners to help you make positive changes and finally take control of your life

✔️  Tips for getting into a positive mindset that attracts abundance and growth

✔️  Action steps to clarify your priorities and create more mindful routines to help you make good decisions and achieve your goals

✔️  Activities and prompts to help you declutter your mental space and cultivate more peace, joy and balance on your terms

✔️  All of the guidance you need to create a resilient foundation that will support you through all of life's up and downs

Stop letting overwhelm control your life!
Ready to take control of your life and master your mindset? Get your copy of The Ultimate Guide now!
Frequently Asked Questions

What format is this guide in?

Your guide will be delivered via email as a 25-page PDF file.

How do I use this guide?

You can either print it out or fill in the prompts on your computer. 

How long will this guide take to complete?

Since this is totally self-paced, it's up to you! The idea is that you'll take it one section at a time, in the order it's presented. So leave yourself some time for preparation and action taking!

Can I go through the guide more than once?

Absolutely! That is exactly why I created the guide digitally. I wanted to give you a tool that you could come back to whenever you need to reset your priorities and mindset. Since it's a digital workbook, it's yours to revisit again and again.  

What's your refund policy?

Because of the electronic nature of the guide, we are unable to offer refunds after your purchase is complete.

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