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I'll personally teach you the skills you need to create a thriving culture where your people can flourish.  Join me over two virtual days for an experience that will help you become the leader everyone wants to work for!

Get a front-row seat to my flagship 

If you're looking for an experience that will change your life, this is it. This experience will help you become the best version of yourself. Be open to new possibilities, and be willing to take risks. You won't look back!

  • Leaders with a growth mindset believe in the potential for growth and development of their team members. They urge people to keep learning and see mistakes as chances to get better.

  • Holistic leaders don't just see their team members as employees, but as whole people. They consider both the professional and personal lives of everyone on their team, which promotes a well-rounded approach to growth and well-being.

  • These leaders are open to change and flexible in their approaches. They understand that adapting to the ever-changing environment is crucial for long-term success.

  • Leaders who are purpose-driven are guided by a clear sense of meaning and direction in their actions and decisions. They instill this sense of purpose in their teams, ensuring that everyone understands the larger mission and is motivated to work towards a shared goal.

Today's Leader

  • Leaders that continuously monitor every minor detail show a lack of faith in their team's ability. This slows growth and reduces output.

  • Leaders who resist change and ignore new methods, strategies, or technologies risk falling behind and will hinder their team and organization's progression.

  • Leaders who don't share information or communicate transparently, it can result in misunderstandings, erode trust, and diminish team unit.

  • If you apply the same leadership style to every circumstance or member of the team, you run the risk of ignoring the unique requirements and intricacies of each person, which could result in an erosion in effectiveness.

The Outdated Leader

on Zoom

Tuesday, November 7 -

Wednesday, November 8

Can’t make it this time around? No problemo! I will release 2024 dates soon. Sign up HERE to be the first to know about the next event!

I'm passionately working to share my program's teachings far and wide to uplift the leaders of today and tomorrow. I envision a community where cost doesn't limit access. With my pay-what-you-can approach, those who can meet the suggested fee play a part in ensuring no one is excluded.


• Your ticket to join us on Zoom!

• Digital workbook & resources to use after the session.

• One year access to the program.

• Access to a community for continued learning and collaboration.

Interested in hosting a 100% Human Leadership Program just for your organization? Drop us a line and let's discuss!


We'd love for you to bring your team along for the journey! Contact us for details on our group discount rates!

  • Wednesday, November 7 & Thursday, November 8, 2023 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. ET (U.S.)

  • "Let's Be Social" Happy Hour/Q&A session with Karen on November 8th, 5 - 6 p.m. ET (U.S.)



Suggested Price: $297

  • Wednesday, November 7 & Thursday, November 8, 2023 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. ET (U.S.)

  • "Let's Be Social" Happy Hour/Q&A session with Karen on November 8th, 5 - 6 p.m. ET (U.S.)


We cap our attendee numbers to guarantee everyone has the optimal experience. Reserve your ticket sooner than later!

Given our limited seating, ticket refunds aren't able to be refunded after purchase. But don't worry! If plans change, we can roll the value of your ticket into a future event.



Over two insightful days, you'll learn skills to develop a growth mindset and exceptional leadership qualities all while maintaining a seamless balance between your work and personal aspirations. It's more than just leadership; it's about leading with intentionality and helping others become their best along the way. Let's redefine leadership together, placing humanity at its heart.

  • This lesson offers a fresh perspective on mistakes, promoting the idea that they're stepping stones to growth rather than setbacks. We'll explore how embracing feedback and constructive criticism can enhance learning so you can stay in flow and keep growing forward.


    By the end, participants will have tools to transform negative self-talk and adopt a more optimistic view of their own and others' missteps.

  • "The Communication Code" is a lesson that teaches participants how to communicate with curiosity, transparency, and objectivity. When operating with a growth mindset, individuals can strengthen their communication skills, which enhances their leadership imprint.

  • In our 'Normalize Feedback' lesson, we unpack the invaluable skill of fostering a two-way feedback channel that both gives and receives insights. When delivered with tact and understanding, feedback can be a powerful tool for growth and improvement.


    This lesson aims to equip participants with strategies to cultivate an environment where feedback is not just accepted but actively sought after, paving the way for continuous learning and collaboration.


Feel free to use this template we've prepared as your baseline. It will help you explain the value of this investment to your boss. This will give you the best chance of getting a "yes."

And remember, you can pay-what-you-can. We don't want the cost to keep you from joining in!


The main goal is to explain why you should attend this program and what you will learn so that you can have a greater impact in your current and future roles.

Not sure how to pitch this to your boss?



  • Building a practical wellness plan into your operations can help both your people flourish and your business thrive. By prioritizing the well-being of your employees, you create a culture where people are more engaged, creative, and productive.


    This session will provide practical tips and strategies for incorporating wellness into your organization, and will explore the benefits of doing so.

  • Leaders will embark on a transformative journey to deeply align their roles with the overarching goals of the organization. This lesson is tailored to not only empower you to grasp this connection personally but also to impart this understanding to your team.


    By fostering a culture where every individual champions the shared mission, we create an environment where employees find genuine connection and meaning in their tasks.

  • In this lesson, we'll be diving into your personal values and beliefs to figure out the kind of mark you want to make on the world. Through this process, you'll get a clearer sense of your purpose and a roadmap on how to live it out.


    When you do this, you'll tap into a deeper fulfillment that comes with meaningful work. This is how you make a positive ripple in the world around you.


Small shifts lead to BIG changes!

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