A letter from heaven

If you could hear me when I’m sitting next to you, I would tell you…

I am always with you… I am the breeze you feel when you’re outside thinking about me. I am that great parking spot you weren’t expecting that made you smile. I am the bird that visits you daily on your back porch. I am the force that held your car steady when you were side swiped on the highway. I am each song that comes on the radio that makes you think of me. Songs I played for you and even new ones that sound like us. I am the special number that keeps popping up: on your plane ticket, on the radio, on a document, in a price… always when I can feel you thinking of me.

I am showing you that I’m with you. You can’t feel me like I can see you, but this is how I show you I’m here. And I’m trying to show you how to enjoy the little things again. I am using these small moments to remind you what joy, peace and love feel like– all the things you are asking for, what your heart yearns for, what your soul is searching for. But sometimes your grief is a barrier to experiencing happiness again. Don’t let it be.

You deserve joy. You deserve peace. You deserve love.

Don’t deny yourself the things that make you happy. I love seeing you happy. Our souls are still connected, so when you’re happy, I’m happy. Give forgiveness. Give and receive love. Release anger, judgement and offense. And enjoy the present without regret of the past or anxiety of the future. I want you to be happy.

When you’re alone and you laugh at something, I’m laughing with you.

When you hear a song that makes you sing and dance, I’m dancing with you.

When a memory makes you smile, I’m smiling too.

So, don't let grief limit you.

Make new adventures. Keep the friends who help you grow. Grow. Love again. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Because when you're happy, I'm happy.




I know everyone is capable of living an undefeated life, and I'm here to help guide you through it. 

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