Every life matters

Every life matters. It’s that simple.

My husband went to work one day, he was in the middle of teaching his Crossfit class when someone came in and shot him. Immediately stories and opinions flooded the internet about this violent attack that left a man (husband, father, son, brother, friend) dead.

It’s alarmingly sad, and frustrating, that most articles and opinions don’t capture the magnitude and depth of these tragedies. Today, the mass shooting in Orlando has flooded the internet and social media platforms focusing on the wrong details - - - “gay”, “nightclub” and “domestic terrorist attack.”

Why does it matter that this was a gay nightclub? I know there’s no way to prevent opinions from ending up on the internet, but let’s not forget what really matters. And that is, there’s a lack of humanity that is powerfully present in today’s world. This diluted connection to one another makes these murders a hashtag for a day. But here’s the harsh and permanent reality…

Every life lost that you hear about on the news affects other lives. A mother and father lost their child. A wife/husband/partner lost the love of their life. A child lost their parent. A best-friend lost their best- friend. A coworker lost a member of their work family.

None of us should fear going to work, or school, or hanging out (wherever that may be) with friends. Yet, every day at least one life is taken by gun violence, and sadly, many stories don’t end up on the news.

Skin color, age, religion, tattoos, sexual preference…. None of that matters. Every life matters.

(Written June 12, 2016)




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