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Grief in the workplace is not as taboo as most people would like to think. In today’s world, it’s increasingly more important to offer support within the workplace – not just a third party resource. Check out this article titled “Grief in the Workplace” published in the Grief Digest Magazine.

“It’s just a job, a place I go to for 8 hours a day.” For many people, their job is just a part of their daily lives that provides a means to other things–food, clothing, shelter, security, etc. It’s just a part of the day and it starts and ends at a certain time. But those who are laboring through a grief experience, it isn’t just a job that lasts for 8 hours a day. For most grieving persons, grief is a 24/7 experience. Many people who have experienced the death of a loved one will state “I never knew grief was so hard. It’s the toughest job I’ve ever had to do.”

Most workplaces are not prepared to handle the impact of grief on its employees. While grief initially diminishes your ability to think clearly, zaps your energy, creativity and motivation, and may lead you to feel depressed and overwhelmed, grief will ease with time. At some point your ability to make decisions with relative ease will return. As you work through your grief, the energy level will eventually return. As you learn to channel your energy and feelings in new ways, your creativity and motivation will return. But it takes time. Grief is hard work and a “quick fix” society isn’t used to giving the time or support needed to work through the various stages and feelings related to grief.

NOTE: Since writing this blog, the published article is no longer available online. Please visit their website to read other helpful articles about grief and various losses.




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