Silent Night

At the end of the day, while most people are unwinding with their significant other, a widow is laying in his/her bed either crying or talking to their dead spouse (yes, I said talking and NO we are not crazy).

It doesn’t matter how you get through the day, or if it was a good day – at night it always comes crashing down. You miss that person next to you who will gently touch the small of your back. You miss feeling them breathe while you fall asleep to their breath pattern. You miss the random, middle of the night, unconscious spooning sessions which remind you that you are loved. And you long for the day when you can feel all of that again….

As that longing turns to hope, the hope reverts back to anger because the reality is – you will never have that again with the one who you are currently daydreaming about.

This is a widow’s silent night.




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