Train Your Brain With This Simple Problem-Solving Exercise

If you want to have a positive mindset you've got to practice, it's not just going to happen overnight. But I've got some good news for ya - it's easier than you think. The same way athletes train their bodies, first responders train for their jobs, and babies “train” to learn how to walk - you have the same function in your brain. You can train your brain to think positively by practicing in the everyday moments of life. In this video, I unpack a super simple mental exercise that helps train your brain to flow with life: finding the alternate path. When you practice exploring and trying new things, this stimulates your brain. Finding a new route to drive to work or school, making a familiar recipe with a new or substitute ingredient, even riding your bike to a new destination. These seem so simple, and they are, but they’re also impactful. This habit helps develop new pathways in your mind which enables you to find new routes when problems - big and small - arise. The more you practice the easier it will become to problem solve and flow with any curve balls that come your way. Your mindset is your greatest asset - don't forget that!


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Stay healthy, stay home, and stay positive.

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