Feeling Funky?? That's Normal - here's how to get through it

Ever found yourself in a funk and wondering, why do I feel like this?

Maybe you’re snappy, or just want to be alone, or something isn’t sitting right in your gut.

Whatever it is, if you’re over it and want to know, how can I shake this off? I’ve got you. Typically we just wait for the moodiness to pass. But I’m here to tell you, friend, you can move through it so it doesn’t linger longer than necessary. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort either, it’s all about being intentional. And here’s the step-by-step process to follow that will help you do just that. These four steps will help you manage your funk with a growth mindset so you’re not walking around with a stank attitude. Check it out: Feel it, face it, figure it out Unplug Nurture yourself Keep perspective This video explains each step…


Feel it, Face it, Figure it out

Facing uncomfortable feelings takes a certain amount of bravery. So kudos to you for having the courage to sit with your emotions. But when you’re doing this, you don’t want to just sit in the mess, you want to get to the root of the problem.

Use these self-discovery questions to get started:

📍What happened recently?

📍Am I feeling stuck?

📍Who is around me?

📍What’s on my mind?

📍Are there any fears or doubts lingering?

📍Am I feeling overwhelmed?


The biggest reason you need to unplug from your devices when you’re in a mood is that it will heighten the comparison battle. Whether you recognize it or not, being on social media impacts your mental health. Seeing other people’s lives immediately causes you to compare your life to their latest update.

But the fact of the matter is, you’re comparing the myriad of wild thoughts running through your mind with a snapshot of their curated life. Which is unhealthy and most of all, it’s a distraction.

The more you distract yourself with social media, or the news, or even browsing the latest trends, the more you’re clouding your mind with irrelevant information.

Take a break, distancing yourself from all the distractions, and free up the mental space you need to do the inner work.

Relevant Resource: 5 Day Digital Detox

Nurture Yourself

Take care of yourself. Your whole self. This is important every-single-day. But it’s especially important when you’re feeling down in the dumps.

This is the perfect time to give yourself some extra tender love and care. Take a bath, go for a walk, read a book, meditate, there are so many things you can do to fill your cup.

If you need some ideas, here ya go 👉 50 Self Care Ideas.

When it comes to showing yourself some love, you know what you need - do that.

Before You Go…

I just want you to remember that feeling funky is normal, it comes over all of us at some point or another. What I hope you take away from this is that you have the power to choose how long you’re gonna live there.

I’ve found that these moods help me unearth something I’ve buried. When I let myself feel it and face it, there’s something at the root that I need to work through. Once I figure it out then it’s my choice if I use it to grow or remain the same.

I choose growth. That’s the kind of life I want to live. How about you?






I know everyone is capable of living an undefeated life, and I'm here to help guide you through it. 

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