A Grateful Heart Builds Your Grit

Gratitude develops grit.

How? Well, When you live with a grateful heart you see the good in things and you appreciate what most would take for granted. Even when things don’t go your way, or when something unexpected happens, an attitude of gratitude produces a healthy perspective which helps you endure those misfortunes. That’s grit.

Grit is being able to bounce back, push through, it’s commitment and determination… grit is resilience. And here’s a bit of good news for you,

we were all born with the capacity to strengthen this superpower.

Plus, it can be developed a number of ways and the more you practice this skill, the easier it is to access it when life throws you a curveball.

So let’s talk about developing an ✨attitude of gratitude✨ which leads to increased resilience.

Being thankful is one way to express and elevate gratitude. There are unlimited things to be grateful for but sometimes you gotta step away from the noise of the world so you can reflect on those wonderful treasures. Be thankful for grace, kindness, wisdom, love, peace, prosperity, food, water. You could even be grateful for having the opportunity to take your life to a whole new level.

Be grateful for the mental strength you had to survive hard times.

You should even be thankful for the hard times because if anything, they help you appreciate the good times. Be grateful for the lessons, they are a part of your development. Be thankful for everything you take for granted - your drive, your spirit, your strength, your body, and your brain. Be grateful for the one person who had an impact on your life, or the many people if you’re so fortunate.

Appreciating what you have will impact your mood.

If you’re in a great mood, you’ll produce great results.

When you put yourself in a powerful state with a grateful mindset, you will be able to thrive through challenges that come your way. When you face difficulties with a clear mind, they lose their power. They’ll no longer hold up your progress - you simply accept what is, choose the best solution, and then move forward. When your mind is positive and clear, you can handle anything.

Acknowledging the good is another powerful act of gratitude. Every day is full of blessings if you choose to recognize them. How is this relevant to resilience? Because keeping perspective of the good helps you get through the bad. When you’re thankful every day, then everyday you will love the life you’re creating for yourself even when you encounter challenges and growth.

When you live with a grateful heart, you will ride out the hard times that come against you and try to bring you down.

Seeing the good in the everyday unlocks the door to true happiness and contentment and it helps you stay committed to the journey when things get rocky. Gratitude overpowers the two things that trip us up most often - fear and anger. It ignites your resilience, and as a result, strengthens your commitment to see things through.

Maybe right now you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for. If that’s the case I’d ask you to take a moment and think about this - what are you focused on? If you say you have nothing to be grateful for then you’re likely focused on everything you don’t want or don’t have and because of that, you’re creating an outlook of lack and scarcity. But you can shift that story instantly! Celebrate the bounties and blessings instead of replaying the stories of, “not enough time, not enough sleep, not enough accomplished.” If you really feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, appreciate the breath you are taking at this very moment.

There are some people who are taking their last breath, so if anything be grateful that you are alive and still have a chance to design a fulfilling life.

The truth is, everyone’s life is full of imperfections and struggles. Don’t let their social media page fool you, we’re all chasing happiness and purpose. But what helps you endure the journey is when you appreciate what you have while working towards where you’re going. No matter what happens, see the good. No matter what happens, give your best. No matter what happens, choose to do the right thing. This will make the laborious journey of life more enjoyable and fulfilling.




I know everyone is capable of living an undefeated life, and I'm here to help guide you through it. 

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