How to Start Your Day on the Right Foot

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Ahhh, mornings. You love’m or you hate’m.

But mornings are instrumental to conquer the day.

In fact, a lot of the most successful people in the world will tell you they own their mornings.

Why? Because mornings set the tone for the entire day. It’s important to have a morning routine that gets you in the right state of mind, body and spirit.

Now I know not everyone bounces out of bed easily and in a good mood.

There are some who jump up eagerly anticipating the day and will talk your ear off if there’s anyone to listen.

Then there are some who groggily stagger out of bed reluctantly and you better not speak to them or they’ll bite your head off.

I’m more of a roll out of bed kinda gal. I’m not grouchy, but I like to warm up to the day.

Regardless of your energy level, the words we tell ourselves can set us up either to have a happy, successful day or a moody, negative one (and we'd rather have the former).

So to help you create a day of joy and abundance, here’s a morning meditation to boost your brain and point your mind in the right direction.

Beyond getting your mind right, there are a couple of other healthy habits to help you set the tone for the day.

I’m telling you, friend, often a great morning is the difference between an average day and a successful one; quite possibly between an average life and an exceptional one.

5 EASY Morning Habits that are Powerful & Do-able!

Name 3 things you are grateful for

Start the day off with this powerful gratitude practice. The more good you can highlight in your life, the more good will come. Be thankful for everything – big and small. Practice your attitude of gratitude throughout the day and notice the shifts in your life.,h_420,al_c,lg_1,q_85,enc_auto/dbb3bc_204ec86e8efa44fd8068f6dc8ca316e0~mv2.png

Bed yoga

If you’re feeling lazy or a bit sluggish, there are some awesome + simple yoga poses you can do in bed. Even a few simple stretches can get the blood and energy moving in the body and start you off on the right foot.,h_420,al_c,lg_1,q_85,enc_auto/dbb3bc_1a61159c591446259768844db83071f4~mv2.png

Drink a glass of water

(BEFORE the coffee) Our bodies are extremely dehydrated in the morning. It’s been 8 hours since drinking anything! So, do your body a favor and start the day off by downing a glass of water to cleanse, detox and transport nutrients to all your cells.,h_420,al_c,lg_1,q_85,enc_auto/dbb3bc_947547c959cd4a40a195ddf4db24749b~mv2.png

Expect good things

Be open to the possibility that you will have the best day of your life. Know that your day will be filled with blessings, love, and abundance – make it happen. Another way of saying this is ‘think positive’.,h_420,al_c,lg_1,q_85,enc_auto/dbb3bc_9ebeb8d13b694ea78e171fdb0ae17a9d~mv2.png

Make your bed

Not only does it miraculously make your personal space more organized, but it gets your momentum going in the morning by accomplishing something right away. It puts you in the right mindset to tackle other tasks.,h_420,al_c,lg_1,q_85,enc_auto/dbb3bc_6a9d7447dd9f4636b8c8b3c6beaf3c0c~mv2.png

Today has already begun, but tomorrow is a new day!

Whether you're morning person or a night owl, I hope this post has encouraged you to become mindful of how you start your day.

What's your favorite part of your morning routine?  Let me know in the comments below and on social media!

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