How Do We Get Through Tough Times?? TOGETHER

The entire world is on edge as the coronavirus continues to spread and uncertainty escalates. The overwhelming losses and changes are bringing a huge weight of stress and anxiety to just about everyone.

You can see and feel the tension mounting.

Our nation and global community are starting to feel the effects of collective grief. But the conversation we really need to focus on is, how do we get through this?

And the answer is one word: together.

Let’s talk about how we do that.



I’ll be honest, I was starting to get tired of seeing and hearing about the coronavirus nonstop.

But then something struck me deep in my soul: the only way we’re going to get through this is together -- so we need to keep the conversation going.

One slight adjustment, we should keep it going in a positive and productive way.

I know there’s a lot of frustration, fear, and scarcity flooding all corners of the world. But man, can I just encourage you to take ownership of your words and be intentional about shifting all negative talk...

Instead of complaining, or speaking of your fears, or bashing the boatload of misinformation that’s been pumped through the news… Talk about good things like:

  • Some of the creative art you’ve seen on the sidewalks.

  • What fun inside activities or games you’ve enjoyed with the family.

  • Any uplifting news you’ve heard or read.

With all the bad that’s happening, the only way to keep us from drowning in darkness is to bring in the light.

Be the light.

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I know a lot of people are feeling a little anxious about social distancing.

Colleges, cities, counties, even entire countries have shut down in an effort to slow down the spread of this virus and save lives. These measures are radically important and should be taken seriously, but there's no doubt that it can also bring immense feelings of isolation which is why we need to bring balance to the situation.

Phone a friend.

FaceTime with your cousins.

Soak up the QT you’re getting with family at home.

Connecting responsibility will help keep our spirits up. Don’t let isolation overtake you. Reach out to someone on a regular basis because as humans we need connection as much as we need oxygen and water to survive.

And when you connect, don’t let fear dominate the conversation. That will only bring more stress and heaviness to your heart. Speak hope, encouragement, and peace.

This pandemic is so darn uncomfortable, and uncertainty makes everything even more uneasy. But you can make the best of this if you consciously choose your response to the crazy.

Conscious choices shape the quality of your life.


Here are a few ways I’m bringing balance to my house:

  1. My son and I go for a bike ride every day to get some sunlight and exercise

  2. We play silly imaginative games around the house. (He even said to me the other day, “Mom, I haven’t heard you laugh this hard in a long time.” Not gonna lie, that brought tears to my eyes.)

  3. We take mental health breaks throughout the day - we stretch, or pray together, or color, or write a list of things we’re grateful for

What are you doing to make the best of this trying time? Tell me! Let's share with each other.

Stay healthy, stay home, and stay positive.

Love you guys!





I know everyone is capable of living an undefeated life, and I'm here to help guide you through it. 

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