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The Feel Good Revolution

I used to think of massages as a “nice to have.”

They were a once-in-a-while luxury, something I did as a huge treat to celebrate a huge milestone in my life.

Let me stress the word luxury. Listen, I’m a single mom. I’m an entrepreneur. Time is limited, and I’m conscious of how I spend my money. So who was I to clear out a big chunk of my day and drop money on being pampered, right???

Maybe you can relate. Most of us have massages on the “nice to have” list. Maybe we squeeze one in if we’re celebrating a birthday or a huge promotion. Maybe we indulge once in a while when we’re on vacation or if a loved one gives us a gift certificate.

We think of massage as a fancy indulgence. A big splurge.

And I want you to rethink that.

A few weeks ago, I had a beautiful, heart-to-heart conversation with Brittany Driscoll, co-founder and CEO of Squeeze, for an episode of In the Details. Squeeze has developed a ground-breaking new approach to massage services, so you know we talked about the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of massage.

Let me tell you, Brittany gets it, guys. She knows that massage isn’t just about warm towels and yummy smelling oils. (Although, let’s be real, I’m here for all of that too!)

Brittany understands that what’s at the heart of that time we spend getting a massage is loving ourselves, caring for our bodies, and connecting with another human on a really deep, vulnerable level.

One of my favorite moments of our conversation was when Brittany told me what’s so special about massage. Here’s what she said:

“Massage in and of itself is a beautiful thing. It is a gift that we are delivering on a daily basis. I always remind our team that the hour to hour and a half that a guest chooses to spend with us is the best hour to hour and a half of their day. What a great opportunity and great responsibility at the same time. I just wanted to instill this larger sense of how we can impact people. I believe that opportunity we have is a chance to leave someone for the better. … [That time can] make our guests better teachers, better mothers, better neighbors—all of the things people show up for in their day.”

Did I tell you? She gets it! Massage is about taking the time to pour into ourselves so that we can be our best when we step out into the world! That’s true self-care!

Our conversation actually reminded me of my own experience with the life-changing benefits of massage, when I really started to understand the value of massage for our mental, physical, and emotional health.

Remember I told you that I used to think of massages as being a total luxury? Yeap, that meant I went years between massages. I kept telling myself that I’d make time for an appointment when I hit the next big milestone.

And then that milestone would come and go, and I’d find another reason to put it off.

Now you know I value self-care, but somehow, in my mind, I just couldn’t justify the investment.

And then my body decided to send that brain of mine a big ol’ wake-up call…

After months of ignoring the signs that I was pushing too hard, one weekend, I tweaked my back.

You probably know the feeling.

You just move slightly wrong at just the right time, and suddenly you realize how much you take your back muscles for granted.

All of a sudden I was in a situation where I knew for sure that a massage wouldn’t be a luxury—it was necessary to help me function. I needed professional help, and I knew it.

So I cleared my Monday schedule and made an appointment.

And the second my massage therapist started working on me, I realized that I was exactly where I needed to be.

I could feel how healing it was.

And as she was working on a really deep knot under my shoulder blade (yeap, you know what I’m talking about), I had a huge lightbulb moment.

This massage didn’t just become necessary when my body finally started to feel the pain. It was a necessity way before—I just chose to push it down the priority list.

As my therapist kept working, I had such a huge rush of gratitude for this amazing human who was so invested in helping me.

I mean, for real, massage therapists are incredible people. They study, they train, and they work every day because they truly care about supporting other people and creating healing. (Brittany called them “beautiful spirits,” and I think that’s such a perfect way to describe the massage therapists I’ve met!)

They do it with such joy and love and compassion, you can feel it the moment you’re with them.

The more I felt that connection, the more I focused on my gratitude for this person and their care, the more it just flowed out of me, and I found myself sending her these huge waves of loving, thankful energy.

I literally left that room a better version of myself because of her work.

In fact, Brittany told me that holding space for that human connection is really what Squeeze is all about. They even have a name for it—The Feel-Good Revolution. Here’s how she described it when we talked:

“The Feel-Good Revolution is really just our way of hopefully bettering people and improving their lives, but also transforming communities for good—just this idea of [getting] back to the basics and what we all really desire, which is human connection, feeling seen, appreciated, and valued.”

YESSSSS! This is what the 100% Human movement is all about!

There are so many wellness benefits to getting regular massages: better sleep, improved mental health, reduced pain and stress, improved circulation.

But that human connection, that sense that this other person is deeply invested in helping me be our best, just all by itself, is so incredibly healing.

The money I spent on that session was a direct deposit into my mental and physical health.

And it completely shifted the way I think about massages.

So here’s my loving advice, friend... Schedule a massage.

Trust me, I know that time is limited and money can be a true challenge. If that’s the case for you, here are just a few options to look into:

  • Try to find a therapist who books 30-minute sessions. Then ask them to focus on the area where you hold the most tension—maybe your neck and shoulders, maybe your hips or lower back—you know where that sticky spot is for you!

  • Look for a massage school in your area. Students need to complete hands-on hours for their licensing requirements, but many of them will already have hundreds of hours of training and practice and are excited to be able to practice their skills! (You can find massage schools in your area on the American Massage Therapy Associate site.)

  • Check to see if your insurance covers medical massages. Some companies and plans may cover massages with a doctor’s recommendation, and it’s worth a call to find out!

Don’t just take the time to work on your physical, mental, and emotional healing. Make the time.

You deserve it.


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Hi, I'm Karen! 

Hi, I'm Karen.

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