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Finding the Good in the World: How to Rise Above the Negativity

There is a lot of negativity all around us.

At a time when we have access to so much information all the time, that negativity can creep up on us with every click of our mouse or tap on an article or video.

Death is a headline, and honestly, it grips me every time I see a celebrity death announcement. If you’ve suffered loss in your life, you know that death is something that’s so private, so deeply personal.

But death has become publicized. And not just the deaths of celebrities—we’re bombarded with stories about the tragic deaths of normal people: “18-year-old college student…,” “Grandmother of four…,” “Beloved schoolteacher…”

Politics continue to polarize us, and we’re inundated with articles about the latest politician to lose their cool because they felt their power being threatened. It can rock our faith in a system that’s supposed to serve and protect us.

Wars around the world keep us on edge and wear on our sense of security.

All of this, of course, is part of life. But with newsfeeds and social media and push notifications, we’re bombarded with it constantly.

That constant stream of information starts to feel overwhelming. We can’t possibly process it all, so we’re just left with our raw emotions—worry, fear, stress. We can get run down by it all.

If you’re just constantly consuming everything that’s thrown at you, don’t be surprised if it starts to take a toll on your mental health.

It’s up to each of us to protect our sanity and increase our peace.

When you think about choosing to be positive, maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to purposely look for the good. Give yourself permission to hold on to the happy stories, celebrate the wins, laugh loudly, and—dare I say—play!

Because when you really think about it, it’s up to us to bring balance to this world.

Quantum physics shows us that, at the deepest level, we are all connected. By choosing to bring your light, you shine light out into the whole world. So before we go even one step further here, I want you to hear this…

Thank you. Thank you for every ray of positivity you send out into this world. Thank you for not letting the stress of this world beat you. Thank you for finding the tools that can help you bring your best self to your relationships and interactions with others. Even just the fact that you’re reading this post tells me that you are striving to rise above the negative and light up the dark spaces around you.

It takes all of us, working on ourselves and working together.

So here are 5 ways we’re going to bring light into the world:

Let go of the need to be perfect.

Perfectionism is just another way of amplifying the negative in the world, and that’s not the direction you’re headed. The goal isn’t to be perfect. The goal is to bring light.

Don’t hide your light because you’re so afraid it won’t be bright enough.

Remember this: a candle, a lantern, and a lighthouse all light the space around them. The size doesn’t matter. The impact on their own corners of the world makes all the difference; if you’ve ever turned on a flashlight during a blackout, you know it’s true.

When you release yourself from the need to be perfect, to get it “right,” you open the space to shine in the way that only you can.


And when you do, notice how it instantly sparks a sense of expansion and happiness. You radiate warmth, joy, and love. Smile at others, and acknowledge when someone smiles at you.

In fact, there’s scientific evidence that smiling wakes up your amygdala—the part of your brain that regulations your emotions. Even if you’re not feeling especially upbeat, just moving the muscles in your face to form a smile can be enough to shift your mood!

And it turns out that your smile can literally change another person’s mental state too. See, we’re hard-wired to mirror other people’s body language and emotions. In fact, it’s a built-in human survival technique; even when we were cavemen, we needed to be able to connect to other people’s emotions so that we could connect with them and work together to survive. When you smile at someone, they’re likely to smile back, and just the act of smiling can make you feel happier.

Practice grounding.

Sit in the grass. Lay down under a tree. Place your bare feet in the dirt or the snow (if you’re that courageous!). Physically connecting with the ground has a soothing effect on our nervous system; it calms us.

In fact, there have been a few studies that suggest that regularly practicing grounding techniques can have a positive impact on chronic pain, anxiety, and blood pressure. And that’s on top of numerous studies that show that just being out in nature can boost our mental and physical health.

Taking the time to ground yourself, increases your sense of peace. And when your spirit is at peace, it’s in its best state to shine.

Send love.

Make a point of sending love to as many individuals as possible during the day. This doesn’t require a big effort. When you encounter someone—your family, your colleagues, the barista at your local coffee shop, the cashier at the grocery store—send them love when they’re in your presence.

How do you do that without making it awkward? Just think to yourself “I send you love.” It’s really as simple as that! Just opening up space for that positive emotion within you is enough to help you start bringing it forward in your actions as well.

And if you want to spread the love even farther, take a few moments to send loving thoughts to people who aren’t in your physical space!

Be mindful of how you speak to others.

Focus on the good, even when you’re preparing for a tough conversation. Speak to them about their strengths, their talents, their potential.

If you must give critical feedback, do it with kindness, clarity, and an open mind and compassionate curiosity, which will help you fill in the details you might be missing. How you frame those hard conversations can make all the difference—not just for the person you’re speaking to but also for your own sense of peace and positive energy.


There may be negativity all around us, but that doesn’t mean it has to be within us. Keep shining your light out into the world, and embrace others who are shining theirs too. That light is how we’ll be able to see the path forward.

Let’s actively spread kindness, compassion, and understanding in all our actions. Let's try to be the hope, courage, and love that can make the world better.

We can be the change we want to see and make a difference even in the small, simple moments. We can be the source of positivity and optimism, not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

We can be a source of joy and comfort, offering our hands and hearts to those who need it. We can be a model for how to treat each other, with love and understanding.

Our actions can have a ripple effect that positively impacts the lives of many—far beyond what we’ll ever realize.

Thank you for being here and being willing to do your part to bring light to this world.


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Hi, I'm Karen.

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