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Using Quantum Physics to Change the Channel on Your Life

Updated: Feb 5

If you saw the title of this blog post and thought, “Quantum physics? How did I end up here?”, I want to reassure you that you’re in the right place!

And if your next thought was, “Quantum physics? I don’t know anything about quantum physics. I’m out of here,” STICK WITH ME, FRIEND! You don’t need a PhD to follow what I’m about to share.

To get us where we’re going, I’m going to boil down a lot of complicated, deeply researched, academic science to one idea.

There’s a theory in quantum physics called the Many Worlds Interpretation, and here’s my simple recap of what it says:

Every event and every choice has multiple possible outcomes. We only get to experience one of those outcomes, but all of those alternative outcomes still exist.

For example, you chose to get out of bed when the alarm went off this morning, and there's another version of you that chose to hit the snooze button instead. And each of those choices led you to different forks in the road—new choices, new outcomes, new ways of being.

I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds about the theories here, but if you’re interested, this video has a really great, accessible explanation:

But for the journey you and I are on, I think just playing with this idea can open up some really powerful ways of thinking and understanding our lives.

Because here’s what I hear and what I hope you can take away from this:

There are an infinite number of versions of your life that are available to you.

You can pursue any one of them. You just have to tune in to the one that aligns with the person you want to be.

I imagine it a bit like sitting on the couch in front of a big TV. Let me talk you through it:

Picture yourself surrounded by those cozy pillows, holding a big bowl of popcorn. Press that power button on your remote, and when the TV clicks on, the screen is split into hundreds and hundreds of little boxes, like on an old-school security screen.

Every single show available to watch is playing at the same time.

Sounds pretty awful, right? It would be noisy and confusing and overwhelming. You wouldn’t be able to focus on any of the shows, because they’d all be competing for your attention.

Instead, to get anything out of it, you have to choose one of those shows to put your whole focus on. All the shows are available to you at once, but you have to choose just one in order to really enjoy it.

Maybe you flip to HGTV. You get fully immersed in the show on that channel. You’re feeling inspired. You’re laughing. You’re getting all those feel-good emotions surging through you as you think about the possibilities in your own home. But after a bit, you start to wonder what else is on.

So you change the channel.

Maybe you swap over to Investigation Discovery. You get pulled into a true-crime show, and within minutes, your mood shifts completely. Suddenly you’re feeling very serious. You’re anxious. You start to feel on edge. Every sound in your house makes you suspicious.

Your mood has completely shifted in 5 minutes.

Nothing has really changed. You’re still sitting, cozied-up on your couch in front of your TV. Both of those shows are still on, playing at the same time.

The only difference was where you put your focus.

Your life is the exact same way. Everything depends on which show you decide to watch.

If you decide to put your full focus on the HGTV-version of your life, where you’re expressing your creativity and stepping up as an architect in your own life and doing the things that bring you joy, you’re going to experience the world through that optimistic, empowered perspective.

But if you put your focus on that true-crime version of your life, where you feel powerless, afraid, and trapped, you’re going to experience life from a place where you’re always cautious and fearful.

Both of those versions are always available to you, in every moment. You just have to decide which channel you want to watch.

The only thing that changes is where you put your attention.

And that’s just two channels in the infinite multiverse of you.

Imagine all of the different versions of you, all the different pathways available to the life you want to live.

There’s a show on somewhere right now where you’re a high-powered corporate leader. There’s one where you’re an entrepreneur. There’s one where you’re an accountant. There’s one where you’re a ballet teacher.

All of those versions of you are already out there, living their best lives. You can change the channel, you can shift your perspective, and find them anytime you want.

You’re not tied to any channel or any show or any episode. What you see right now isn’t the only option, and you’re not required to keep watching when it stops serving you.

I know that the journey we’re on together is an impactful one. But I also know that sometimes, when you’re in a tough season, it can feel like you don’t have enough energy left to keep building your best life, piece by piece.

In those times, I want you to take heart in knowing that the life that you want to live is already out there. There’s a version of you already out there living it. You don’t have to build it from scratch. You just have to keep changing the channel, shifting your focus, discovering a new perspective, until you find it.

If I’d continued on that path I was on 10 years ago, if I’d kept my focus locked on that one channel, my life would be so different now. That’s a version of me that was a real possibility.

But I chose to change the channel.

Sometimes, we can feel like a different version of ourselves is too far-fetched to even imagine. When you start to get bogged down in that self-doubt, take a pause to remind yourself, that you is already real. You just have to find them.

When we were kids, the world was full of people telling us that we could be anything we wanted to be. And no matter where we are in life, that will always be true. Whatever big, audacious, scary decision you’re facing down, know this:

Whoever you choose to be, you can become them, because you will find a way to make it happen. In some version of this universe, you already have.

I hope you wrap your arms around how exciting and freeing and empowering that reality is.

You already possess everything you need because there will always be infinite potential within you.

And just changing the channel puts you one step closer to realizing it.


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Hi, I'm Karen.

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